Got computer issues?

Laptop runs hot? Hate Windows 11? Cracked the display? Whatever the issue is with your electronics, we can fix them, often for free! Even if your computer is brand-spanking-new, we can make it significantly faster, quieter, and cooler. You paid for a computer that you hope will serve you through Berkeley and beyond, and with some of our members having over 11 years of experience, we can guarantee that your device is up to the task!

We can repair and upgrade almost anything! From literally doubling your laptop's battery life, fixing Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift, and keeping Macbooks from overheating, your computer will feel like new when we're done with it! We have over 80 happy customers with a 100% success rate thus far!

For fellow computer nerds out there, our standard upgrade procedure is:

Best off, we often are able to do this for free! In the rare case that a part needs to be replaced, we'll simply charge the part cost.

To request a computer repair/upgrade, the best way to do so currently is to join our Discord server and ping someone on the Leadership Team.

This laptop ran hot, slow, and was full of dust. We reapplied the liquid metal thermal paste on the CPU, put Kryonaut thermal paste on the GPU, blew out the dust, and installed Windows 10 LTSC.

Don't let us do the convincing; here's a testimonial from two people whose computers we upgraded! (One of them is the owner of the above laptop.)